Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tax Disaster You can Avoid

Before you drop off your tax documents to any preparer, make a copy!!!  Here's what happened to one couple, Tom and Sue,  who are still dealing with this disaster.

Here's their story.  Last tax season they were in a real crunch...Tom was going overseas so they went to their local office of a national tax preparer.  All good, right? 

Turns out, wrong....very wrong.  After a few weeks with no contact Sue called them to find out if they needed any other paperwork and the status of their return.  April 15th was fast approaching and nothing was happening. 

That's when the shuffling and the run-around started.   The more questions she asked the more no one in this national tax preparer's office seemed to know anything about their Federal and State Tax Return.   Tom was still overseas and not able to help Sue.

Sue, on her own with her two babies in tow, drove to their office to pick up their documents and start over with someone new.   All she wanted was  her file folder of personal W-2's, 1099's, and her 2009 tax return back.


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