Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rock your Intuition

We all have intuition whether we recognize it or not. It's that feeling in our gut, it's the anxiety we feel when we're  unsure, it's when we feel a little lost and alone.

Have you ever had well meaning friends and family advise you not to listen to your intuition; perhaps because it went against what they wanted for you, what they thought was best for you, or not the right path for you?  
Although they're well meaning we have to listen that gut feeling, that inner sense, that flash of insight that guides us.  When we  can't explain how we "know" what we know it feels a little creepy, a little manipulative, or even a little out of our own comfort zone....a little woo woo. People might push back with a "Who do you think you are?" because you're pushing them out of their comfort zone.

I say rock your intuition.... we have just as much success with that as we do any of the decisions so go with your intuition.   It's more than okay to just "know" it's tapping into your power. 

I have to laugh too at the irony, because the other side of me,  tells business owners to trust but verify so in reality,  find a balance somewhere in there.  

As Nancy Rosanoff, a nationally recognized author and trainer in Intuition says, "Through your intuition, you can discover inner wisdom you never knew you had. You can discover the course of action that's uniquely right for you. Successful entrepreneurs, scientists, executives, artists and lovers all have the ability to tap into intuition -- and far from being a mysterious, lucky, unpredictable force, intuition is simply a skill that can be learned."