Monday, July 11, 2011

Ducks or Heron - What's your business type?

 As I was walking the beach in Edmonds on Sunday I saw a flock of ducks paddling together.  Wherever the lead duck went the rest of them followed.  First this way, then that way, and now this way again...they dutifully followed the leader. 

Just down the beach I spied a beautiful heron.  The heron was mostly still - just occasionally moving her head from side to side and still always aware of what's going on around her.   

I stood and watched both the ducks and the heron for a few minutes pondering how natural they are in their environment next to each other in Puget Sound and yet worlds apart.  A duck can never be a large, majestic heron and a heron isn't a follow along type of bird. 

As business owners we need to be more like the heron standing alone flaunting ourselves.  We all have our unique specialness to offer clients and customers so let's make it easy for them to find us.  When we're bunched in a group or flock we all look the same and nothing about us stands out in the crowd. 

So take a deep breath and be the heron in your off a deserve it.

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